Blogging 101: 7 things no one tells you about starting and growing a blog

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Thanks to the internet and widespread use of social media, everyone and their grandmother can now start a blog (and I include myself in this as well). I started a blog because I was jobless and bored one summer and  – naively-  I thought that the moment my blogspot.com blog went live, dozens of readers would come pouring in and I would receive some Carrie Bradshaw-level of fame (yeah things didn’t go down like that and I quickly abandoned ship). Continue reading “Blogging 101: 7 things no one tells you about starting and growing a blog”


5 Steps to Feeling Confident Without Makeup

Let me start this post by mentioning the fact that I LOVE makeup, there is nothing like a perfectly contoured cheekbone to make you feel like Naomi Campbell. However, I have encountered friends who have mentioned that they feel odd leaving the house without makeup on and to be honest I’ve begun feeling this way myself. Continue reading “5 Steps to Feeling Confident Without Makeup”


How To Earn Money with your Degree

In my early teenage days, I would earnestly try to mimic my Grandmother’s tone, body language and pretty much everything about her. One day I sat and watched her talk to a friend about how simple it was to get a job in her day. She had such a memorable deep concern woven into her eyes. Continue reading “How To Earn Money with your Degree”


The Career Benefit of being in a Sorority

Being a part of a sorority will definitely be a huge part of your university experience if you do choose to rush. For many, it might not be a good fit – and this doesn’t mean that your university experience will be unfulfilling without it. However, if you do decide to rush there are things to consider such as whether it’s the right fit for … Continue reading The Career Benefit of being in a Sorority


Things to Know Before Interning Abroad

One of the smartest decisions I have made in college was interning abroad. When I first heard about the opportunity from my study abroad advisor I was very reluctant to go to a different country and work. Couldn’t I do that in the United States? And did I really want to work while I studied in another country? Well, I eventually decided yes. Now, I was not the bravest, I went to a country that spoke my same language but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a challenge. Continue reading “Things to Know Before Interning Abroad”


Productivity Hack: 10 apps to make you more productive

Sometimes  between following the latest celebrity drama or the perusing the internet for whatever cat video that suits your fancy, you forget to do all the important things you are actually supposed to do. However, all that time spent on your phone can actually be a good thing because there are apps that can help you become  a lot more productive. Continue reading “Productivity Hack: 10 apps to make you more productive”